In origin I was very skeptical about alternative medicine. I’m only a simple boy with a mathematical background. Show me a Saint and I’ll draw you one.
Before Mieke was trained in several healing techniques, she helped me out many times with her intuitive techniques. For instance for stomach pain, back pain and stress.
In the beginning my mind kept on rationalizing my experiences and results. Eventually the many proofs convinced me.
Mieke treated me several times succesfully for different ailments like arthrosis, lower back pain, migraine head ache, tinnitus, stress and emotional issues.
Nowadays I’m still taking (remote) healings with Mieke.


Pranic Healing

Een zalige ervaring!!
Ik had me laten behandelen op een moment dat ik heel moe was, me op niets kon concentreren en nog paar examen te schrijven had.
Directe energie boost!!
Ik zou het aan iedereen aanraden!
Ik ben heel dankbaar dat ik Pranic Healing kon ondergaan !
Nurse Karolina