If it’s your time to transition and you are clinging on to this body for whatever reason. I offer my services to stand by you, to inspire you with peace with your destiny, with treatments on pain relief and peace. I will sing your personal soulsong.
I’ll cry your pain and help you cry and grieve yourself. It is a very connecting and comforting feeling to be able to share grieve. Eventually we will transmute the grieve into surrender and maybe joy. When I was very ill myself I felt the end of this life of mine and I saw it. It was very comforting. It gave me great joy and courage. It would be an honour to share this serene insight and state with you. I’ve always had a great (com)passion and understanding for transitioning souls. Each session takes about 2 hours. Most of the sessions can be done remotely.
If in person transport fees will be charged. Same prices apply as for Pranic Healing treatments.



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