We work from a medical or psychological diagnose or Mie scans your inner aura, chakras, organs.
The whole session can be done at distance.
It is as effective. Basically Mie takes away diseased energy and adds fresh Prana or energy.
Pranic Healing is based on these 2 laws: First your body has the wisdom to heal itself once the right conditions are restored.
Secondly there’s an endless source of fresh Prana or life force available all around us.
A Pranic Healer directs that energy in the appropriate amounts and modality to the regions of your body where it’s most needed.
For a first session, we always plan 2,5 hours: some extra time for the intake.


Recommended for:

• Stress, Anxiety & Depression
• Trauma, Grief & Hysteria
• Fears, Phobias & Addictions
• Emotional & Mental Imbalances
• Blood Disorders
• Arthritis & Joint Pains
• Diabetes & Hypertension
• Liver & Kidney Ailments
• Coughs, Colds & Flu
• Endocrine Glands Ailments

• Eyes, Ears & Throat Disorders
• Gastrointestinal Ailments
• Heart & Circulatory Ailments
• Immune System Disorders
• Reproductive Ailments
• Respiratory Ailments
• Skeletal & Muscular Disorders
• Skin Disorders
• Urinary Ailments
• Revitalised Body & Mind
• Chakra & Aura Cleansing


  1. Louise

    Thanks to Mieke’s gentle approach I felt in caring and loving hands. My initial curiosity transformed into admiration as I started to feel positive energy flowing during, and after the treatment. Highly recommended.

  2. Fieke

    I met Mieke a couple of years ago and always feel the good energy she has to grow as much as you can from a point of love for yourself and live.
    She is a great (Pranic) healer and helped me with my struggles after Covid-19. I feel more life energy and lightness coming into my system. She is genuine, loving and honest in the possibilities.

  3. Femke Rullens

    Al enkele maanden ben ik aan het herstellen van COVID-19. Mieke heeft mij onder haar vleugels genomen en geeft mij regelmatig een pranic healing behandeling. Het is waanzinnig om te ervaren hoe ik sindsdien vooruit ga. We komen echt tot de kern! Mieke is ontzettend lief, rustig, liefdevol en warm. Ze is ontzettend toegewijd. Ik ben haar enorm dankbaar. En raad haar vanzelfsprekend aan een ieder aan! Liefs, Femke

  4. Eliane Roofthooft

    Thank you Mieke for your gentl approach and empathic listening. She is very commited and realible.
    Her Pranic healing helped me a lot recovering from anemia post covid. She helped me also with some emotional issues we came across. I highly recommend her.

    • Mieke

      Thank you Eliane. It was my pleasure. <3

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