In this healing I combine all the knowledge gathered during my years of Pranic Healing, shiatsu, yoga, Qi Gong, diets, singing, mentorship, non-violent communication with a haraconnected feeling into your body and communication with your Soul. I channel whatever needs to happen. I might sing your personal soulsong. Same prices apply as for Pranic Healing Treatments. Most of the offer can be done remotely. Surprise yourself. 



  1. Glenn

    In origin I was very skeptical about alternative medicine. I’m only a simple boy with a mathematical background. Show me a Saint and I’ll draw you one.
    Before Mieke was trained in several healing techniques, she helped me out many times with her intuitive techniques. For instance for stomach pain, back pain and stress.
    In the beginning my mind kept on rationalizing my experiences and results. Eventually the many proofs convinced me.
    Mieke treated me several times succesfully for different ailments like arthrosis, lower back pain, migraine head ache, tinnitus, stress and emotional issues.
    Nowadays I’m still taking (remote) healings with Mieke.

  2. Janique

    Mieke richtte zich liefdevol op wat dat moment voor mij nodig was, ze stond me bij, steunde me, moedigde me aan… Leek me eerst wat akelig, maar omringd door haar kennis, intuïtief aanvoelen, volle aanwezigheid en liefde voelde ik me veilig en gesteund. Het heeft me zoveel deugd gedaan, me op weg gezet ! Zeker van plan hiermee door te gaan… Enorm dankbaar dat ik Mieke leerde kennen !

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